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5 Minute CIO – Introduction.

I’d like to introduce a series on my blog called “5 Minute CIO”.

5 Minute CIO is going to be an ongoing series aimed at the CIO and IT Manager, discussing data storage and its importance in any organisation, with a bit here and there for the other CxO’s as well.

Data storage is possibly the most important part of an organisation – unlike networks or servers, data cannot be replaced, well not very easily – let’s face it, without storage, (I’m not going to say there’s no data) there’s no electronic data; no application data, no files, databases and no email.

(I wouldn’t cry over that last one personally)

I frequently hear from CIO’s and IT Managers that storage is a bit of an enigma, esoteric even and difficult to understand and I certainly understand that; there just isn’t the focus and information on storage that there is with networks, servers and applications – and it’s grossly undervalued in many companies.

When an application is running slow, the finger is usually pointed at storage. (And that finger is often in right direction)

When it runs out of space, there’s only one place to point that finger – yes, storage.

So, my challenge here is to help in the best way I can – Education – learning and understanding storage as mentioned before can be complex, its often full of jargon flowing from the (often very intelligent) storage experts in a manner which is difficult to understand.

I wish to change that by writing this series on data storage for CIO’s and IT Manager’s in quick and easy to read posts – Let’s face it, CxO’s are busy people –  which will help to explain and demystify storage and help you steer your organisations data storage requirements efficiently.

They say knowledge is power and I plan to arm you with the information you need.

I’ll be writing most of the posts in an increasing degree of complexity, that is to say, I’ll start each post at a high-level and progress in to more detail as the post goes on; which means that you can garner as little or as much information as you need.

Start high – get a bit more technical – end in the nuts and bolts.

You’re a CxO that probably means you are very busy – so that’s why I’ll start high – but sometimes, you need to know a bit more and then there’s those times where you need to be armed with the technical stuff, so it’ll be there when you need it.

I also hope as part of this exercise, that these posts become a reference to anyone with aspirations in the data storage industry as well.

Overall, each “5 Minute CIO” post will be; as the name suggests, aimed at senior personal and coincidently, should be no more than about 5 Minutes to read.

Look out for the “5 Minute CIO” posts in the future and if there’s a subject you wish me to cover that I haven’t covered yet, please leave a comment and I’ll do my best.



Aus Storage Guy.


About ausstorageguy

I am a IT Enterprise Storage Specialist based in Australia, with multi-vendor training and a knack for getting to the truth behind storage. I specialise in and have previously worked for EMC, however; I am also highly skilled and trained in: -NetApp FAS -NetApp E-Series (Formally LSI Enginio) -Dell Compellent and Equalogic -Hitachi USP, VSP and AMS -HP EVA, Lefthand, 3Par (and HDS OEMs) -LSI Engenio OEMs (IBM DS and Sun StorageTek) -TMS RamSAN -IBM XIV As you can imagine, that's alot of training... Thankfully; as a speciallist in storage, I don't have to think about much else. I try (Very hard) to leave any personal/professional attachment to any given product at the door and I have a zero tollerance for FUD. (Fear Uncertainty Doubt) So I beg all vendors commentators to leave the FUD, check the facts and let's just be real about storage. There may be some competetive analysis done on this blog, but I assure you, I will have check, re-check and checked again the information I present. However, should I get it wrong - which, above all else is a much greater tallent - I will correct it as quickly as possible.


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